Digging Deeper Introduction

I would like to thank The Beachside Resident again and again for helping me to launch this project with their support and encouragement. Also, a big thank you to my son, Jason for the idea of creating this website. Without his technical skills, none of this would be possible.

The Beachside Resident was great from many angles but the one drawback was the limited space. I was capped around 350 words per article. As a result, the monthly column was brief and I often felt there was more to add.

In this ‘Digging Deeper’ series, I will take each topic, in order, and expand on the thoughts that were initially presented.

My singular goal is to help anyone who reads this to be a better investor and achieve greater success through a better understanding of the markets.

Questions can be sent to spacecoastmoneytalk@gmail.com

Free investing seminars are offered through the Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral Public Libraries. Schedules can be found on their respective websites.

Stay tuned…



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