We’ve come full circle. We spent the last year talking about stocks, mutual funds, etf’s, and bonds. We discussed how to build a balanced investment portfolio and then ventured over to the dark side with options. A common tool used by investors and traders alike is technical analysis or charting.

Most anyone can look at a chart and spot a trend. However, there a wealth of information if you know how to look deeper. Part science, part art, technical analysis can help prevent mistakes when both buying and selling. Today’s financial websites will even analyze the chart for you. You just have to know what to ask. No math, no mess.

The beauty of charting is its indifference. No emotion and all news/public sentiment is already priced in.

I could go in depth and drag this out another year buy nobody wants that. You can find excellent books on the subject at any library or bookstore and I will be covering the topic during my seminars.

True story: A farmers favorite mule fell into an abandoned well. When the farmer found out, he tried and tried but could not get the mule out. He decided the humane thing would be to bury him in the well. As the dirt fell on the mules back, he would shiver and it accumulated on the floor. Soon, he was up to his knees it dirt. One leg at a time he stepped out and stayed on top of the dirt pile. This continued until he was high enough to jump out of the well. Moral: When life piles on the dirt, shake it off and step up.

I would like to thank the staff at The Beachside Resident for their encouragement, support and patience to make this column happen. I’ve had a blast writing it. I hope you enjoyed reading. Peace.

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